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Wanderers are inhabitants of the outer End Islands. They will simply glide around End's void sky aimlessly, ramming into Chorus plants on accident.


Wanderers can spawn out of an Enderman in the End dimension with a range of 1 through 35 (you can learn more about the spawning system in "More Mobs" here). However, they cannot spawn in the main End Island, nor can they spawn in an End City. Wanderers also require a big area to spawn (3x3x3). You can learn more about how Endermen spawn here.

You can also summon a Wanderer using this command: /function imm:summon/imm/wanderer. You can obtain a Wanderer Spawn Frame with this command: /function imm:spawn_frame/imm/wanderer. Make sure to replace the 'imm' portion with whatever version you're playing on if your version is older than Snapshot 3C (example: Snapshot 2A = imm2a).



Wanderers are passive mobs that fly around the End sky. They don't panic while being attacked and just continue aimlessly wandering.

Breaking Chorus plants

If Wanderers come in contact with Chorus plant stems or Chorus Fruits, they will break them.


If the Wanderer is close to touching ground it will teleport itself upwards avoiding contact with any solid surface.


Wanderers can drop:

Data values

Wanderers possess the same tags as all Ghasts, but they spawn with a set of additional stats. Click here to see the data values common to all Ghasts.

  • Health: 35
  • Tags: iMM, iMMEnder, iMM_Wanderer
  • Silent: 1b
  • CustomName: {"translate":"imm.entity.wanderer"} (§dWanderer in English US)
  • CustomNameVisible: 0
  • DeathLootTable: imm:entities/imm/wanderer
  • Attributes:
    1. generic.maxHealth: 35


The Wanderer has to be killed to contribute to the following "More Mobs" advancement:

  • Mob Fighter

The Wanderer is indirectly related to the "Wanderful Meat" advancement that is granted for obtaining Wanderer Flesh.


Version Change

Snapshot 3A

Added Wanderer

Snapshot 3B

  1. Wanderers now need a 3x3x3 area to spawn;
  2. Wanderer spawn rate buffed;
  3. Wanderers break Chorus Plants now.

Snapshot 3C

Fixed Wanderers despawning when the player left the world or dimension

Known issues

Tagging Wanderers can sometimes mess up their texture.

See also

Wanderer Flesh

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2 Wanderers hovering

Back view of the Wanderer

A Wanderer being teleported up from touching the ground

A bunch of Wanderers breaking Chorus plants

A Wanderer in front of an End City