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Snapshot 4A is the 8th public version of "More Mobs", and came out on December 28th, 2020. It updated the pack to 1.16, adding 5 new Nether mobs, 2 new Totems and 2 new Music Discs.

The first music for "More Mobs" was introduced in this snapshot, adding a new Jukebox mode to the Crafting Station. 4A also brought new totems to the game, and huge performance improvements with of restructuring and optimization of the pack. Those are also related to new complex (especially in the Nether) spawning rules for the mobs.

The snapshot introduced new mobs to the 1.16 Nether biomes, and redistributed old mobs into the new fitting biomes as well. The old height-based distribution was removed and replaced with biome and structure distribution.

This version also fulfilled the promise of improving on designs set by 3C, featuring a full revamp of the Prisoner Ghost, and another redesign of the Scooper with a new texture and model. In fact, Prisoner Ghosts have received other changes as well to make them more challenging, unique and mysterious.





Showcase videos


"More Mobs" (Snapshot 4A) - Minecraft 1.16 data pack showcase

The general showcase of the snapshot


-TECHNICAL- "More Mobs" (Snapshot 4A) - Minecraft 1.16 data pack showcase

A technical in-depth showcase of the changes in the snapshot




  1. Martyrs now avoid Magma blocks;

 Known issues

  1. Prisoner Ghosts can get stuck in blocks;
  2. Prisoner Ghosts can teleport down to the void;
  3. Scoopers panic while on fire despite being fire resistant;
  4. Prisoner Ghosts instantly die in water; 
  5. Adult Scoopers have a weird hitbox; 
  6. Tagging Lost Souls doesn't write a message in the chat; 
  7. Tagging Wanderers can sometimes mess up their texture; 
  8. Crafting Stations are rendered darker when placed underneath a block. 

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