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Snapshot 3C is the 7th public version of "More Mobs" and the third and final snapshot in the 3 lineup. It came out on July 9th, 2020 and updated the pack to 1.15, among many other important changes.

In this snapshot, mob textures for the Cavecreep, Scooper and Nether Spider have been changed. For Scoopers and Nether Spiders, their models and textures have gotten a complete redesign. There was also new functionality added to the Miner mob, and a few important changes to how Scoopers are bred. Among these typical additions the pack was also rewritten and restructured, which resulted in a huge performance boost compared to the last version and fixed many bugs and exploits. There have also been a few quality of life changes, like changing the Spawn Frames' models and textures, and additions to the pack's credits.

This snapshot set a new standard for mob textures, was the first ever to utilize custom mob models, and improved the Crafting Station greatly. It also introduced the first compatibility changes. The changes made in this version will define how the pack is coded and structured for many versions to come.





Showcase video


"More Mobs" (Snapshot 3C) - Minecraft 1.15 data pack showcase

A full showcase of the snapshot


  1. Added Scooper Meat;
  2. Added a Soul Sand crafting recipe (in the Crafting Station; (Red) Sand surrounded by 8 Corrupted Souls);
  3. Added Zoey to the credits;
  4. Added G. Reaper to the credits;
  5. Added Yupikay's YouTube channel to the credits.


  1. Updated to 1.15-1.15.2;
  2. Updated the End City loot table (replaced Beetroot Seeds with Wanderer Flesh);
  3. Changed the formatting of the folders ([RP] and ]DP]);
  4. Nether Spiders are now slower until their hunch dies;
  5. Scoopers will now take damage if fed Beetroots;
  6. "More Mobs" creatures no longer use players' location for reference in the spawning system;
  7. Remade the Nether Spider texture and model;
  8. Ender Phantoms now spawn in the absence of the Ender Dragon (before checked for the nearest player having the 'Free the End' advancement);
  9. Scoopers now need to be bred with Poisonous Potatoes or Nether Spider Chelicera;
  10. Remade the Illusioner spawning in raids (now the captain will pick up to 3 team members per wave to summon an Illusioner);
  11. Skeletons now only become Demons inside Nether Fortresses;
  12. Retextured the Cavecreeps, Cavecreep Heads, Cavecreep Hide, Cavecreep Spawn Frames and Cavecreep Banners;
  13. Miners will now drop their Iron Pickaxes in exchange for Diamond ones;
  14. Remade the spawning system (twice; now precisely accurate and instant);
  15. Witches can no longer summon Illusioners into raids;
  16. Renamed "More Mobs Spawn Eggs" to "More Mobs Spawn Frames";
  17. Reformatted the files to no longer rely on the version;
  18. Miners now spawn with randomly enchanted pickaxes;
  19. Miners ore/ingot drop rate nerfed;
  20. Removed the location_reset function and panel button;
  21. Scoopers now drop Scooper Meat instead of Beetroots;
  22. Updated the Miner Spawn Frame to match the 1.14 texture;
  23. Revamped the Scooper texture and model;
  24. Mummies now spawn with enchanted Swords and Shovels;
  25. Wanderer Flesh restores 4 drumsticks now instead of 3;
  26. Improved Spawn Frame textures and models (how the model is displayed in hand (1st and 3rd person) and on head);
  27. Miners and Dragon Ghosts are quieter now;
  28. Crafting in the Crafting Station now takes a second (will charge down if the process is interrupted);
  29. "More Mobs" creatures need to hold a new item to not despawn now (due to a Minecraft bug fix that made my despawning system redundant);
  30. Changed the "Repopulalting Hell" description and icon;
  31. "More Mobs" creatures drop less items now.


  1. Miners that died while being on fire will now drop Ingots instead of Ores;
  2. Scoopers that you bred no longer despawn;
  3. Nether Spiders with their hunches broken no longer have the same capacity for health;
  4. "More Mobs" creatures no longer spawn where they shouldn't;
  5. Martyrs now avoid lava better;
  6. Martyrs now avoid fire;
  7. Fixed grammatical errors;
  8. The 'global.ignore' tag is now utilized in the pack for compatibility;
  9. "More Mobs" creatures now follow spawning rules only in proper dimensions;
  10. Nether "More Mobs" creatures (apart from Martyrs) no longer take damage from spawning in fire or lava;
  11. You can no longer dupe items by breaking the Crafting Station;
  12. Miners summoned from Witches in raids will now join the raids;
  13. Significant performance improvements;
  14. "More Mobs" creatures no longer despawn if you leave the dimension or world;
  15. Mobs that spawned from Spawners no longer convert to "More Mobs" creatures under any circumstance;
  16. Crafting Stations can now be placed on any surface (will be given back if placed in a portal; drop the item if placed inside a small block);
  17. "More Mobs" creatures no longer summon Zombie reinforcements (Cyclops, Demons, Lost Souls, Ender Sentinels and Mummies).

 Known issues

  1. Prisoner Ghosts can get stuck in blocks;
  2. Prisoner Ghosts can teleport down to the void;
  3. Scoopers panic while on fire despite being fire resistant;
  4. Prisoner Ghosts instantly die in water; 
  5. Scoopers have a weird hitbox; 
  6. Tagging Lost Souls doesn't write a message in the chat; 
  7. Tagging Wanderers can sometimes mess up their texture; 
  8. Crafting Stations are rendered darker when placed underneath a block. 

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