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Snapshot 3B came out on 1st of October, 2019 and is the 6th public version of "More Mobs" and the second snapshot in the 3 lineup. This was an incredibly important update despite being a B snapshot. Aside from a huge amount of bug fixes it introduced the first blocks in the pack, the first advancements and finally properly added items.

This snapshot added a ton of changes to existing vanilla features, improved performance and introduced the custom crafter for the pack - the Crafting Station, which had complex functionality. This update also added translations to the pack - Ukrainian, Russian, Hebrew, Irish and Polish. You can find all of the pack's contributors here. Speaking of which, this version also added an in-game list of credits, as well as the changelog and other useful functions which can be executed via the also newly introduced panel that appears after reloading data packs. Since this version updated the pack to 1.14 it also influenced raid mechanics and finally replaced item placeholders with actual functioning items.

In summary, Illusioner changes, new blocks (most of which are Heads), the advancement tree, complete items, crafting recipes, and much more. This update was delayed multiple times and eventually came out with an absolutely game-changing amount of features.





Showcase video


"More Mobs" (Snapshot 3B) - Minecraft 1.14 data pack

An almost complete showcase of the snapshot


  1. Added the 'More Mobs' advancement tree (6 advancements, 9 challenges and 1 goal);
  2. Added the 'panel', 'changelog', 'boxes', 'credits', 'location_reset' and 'convert_items' functions (descriptions of the functions are displayed in the control panel);
  3. Added the control panel (appears when you reload data packs);
  4. Added Cyclops, Cavecreep, Ender Sentinel and Mummy Heads;
  5. Added the Crafting Station, Hardcover Book, Prong and Prismarine Stick items;
  6. Added skin colors for Villagers (now 16; the skin color renders depending on the biome's temperature);
  7. Added 'More Mobs' items (properly) - Cyclops Ear, Cavecreep Hide, Papyrus, Corrupted Soul, Demonic Essence, Ender Phantom Wing, Nether Spider Chelicera and Wanderer Flesh;
  8. Added 'Lost Soul to Shulker conversion' sound;
  9. Added a new death message (player was blown up by iNkoR_the_2nd for trying to break his pack);
  10. Added textures for 'More Mobs' items (including spawn eggs);
  11. Added a crafting recipe for Prismarine Sticks (in the Crafting Station; 3 Prismarine Shards vertically aligned), Tridents (in the Crafting Station; 3 Prongs on top and 2 Prismarine Sticks on the bottom) and Hardcover Books (in the Crafting Station; 3 Cavecreep Hides on the left and 6 Papyrus);
  12. Added special Evoker, Ravager and Vindicator spawn eggs;
  13. Added despawning now all 'More Mobs' creatures except Martyrs and Wither Skeleton Horses (will despawn if there's no players in a radius of 128 blocks, unless they're wearing armor or holding items (ignores mobs that always spawn with gear, like Miners or Demons)) and tagging (use name tags to make 'More Mobs' creatures non-despawnable);
  14. Added subtitles for 'More Mobs' sounds.


  1. Updated the Pillager Outpost loot table (Now includes 2-6 Hardcover Books);
  2. Updated to 1.14+;
  3. Ender Sentinels are no longer enemies with Wandering Traders, Trader Llamas and Villagers;
  4. Nether Spiders no longer despawn if their hunch wasn't killed by a player;
  5. Changed the Nether Spider hunch (now penetrable with arrows but much smaller);
  6. Lost Souls that spawned in End Cities will now convert to Shulkers;
  7. Nether Spiders now need a 3x2x3 area to spawn;
  8. Wanderers now need a 3x3x3 area to spawn;
  9. Nether Spiders now only spawn in Y=40-80;
  10. Wither Skeleton Horses now only spawn in Y=80-122 and will turn into 4 Wither Skeleton Horsemen like Skeleton Traps in the Overworld;
  11. Changed Creeper and 'Thing' banners to Cavecreep and iMM banners;
  12. Cyclops' skin color now renders depending on the temperature of the biome they're in;
  13. Illusioners now spawn in raids randomly (sometimes riding Ravagers in place of initial riders (which will dismount, and won't die));
  14. Illusioners now spawn on the top floor of Pillager Outposts;
  15. Illusioners now drop Emeralds and Golden Carrots;
  16. Illusioners now replace witches in Mansions;
  17. Cavecreeps now drop music discs like Creepers;
  18. Miners' torch drop rate nerfed;
  19. Lost Soul spawn rate nerfed;
  20. Wanderer spawn rate buffed;
  21. Wanderers break Chorus Plants now;
  22. Removed the alternative Shulker texture;
  23. Mummies now drop Paper when they convert into Zombies;
  24. Performance improvements;
  25. Strays no longer burn in the sunlight;
  26. Ender Sentinels, Cavecreeps and Mummies now drop their heads if they died from a charged Creeper's/Cavecreep's explosion;
  27. Elder Guardians drop Prongs now;
  28. Updated the Miner texture to match 1.14;
  29. Updated the saddle texture on Wither Skeleton Horses to match 1.14;
  30. All 'More Mobs' creatures now drop proper items instead of placeholders;
  31. The 'Monsters Hunted' and 'Monster Hunter' advancements now tag Illusioners;
  32. Zombie Horses can now be found in Plains Zombie Village stables;
  33. 'More Mobs' sounds now play 15 blocks away from the player instead of 25.


  1. Miners now spawn in Badlands biomes properly;
  2. Dragon Ghosts tagged 'Silent' no longer play sounds;
  3. Fixed Miners tagged 'Silent' still playing death sounds;
  4. Fixed every problem with the 'More Mobs' Spawn Eggs;
  5. Fixed Nether Spiders suffocating in blocks;
  6. Fixed Wither Skeleton Horses suffocating in blocks upon spawning;
  7. Fixed Cyclops, Ender Sentinels and Lost Souls drowning;
  8. Fixed Demons converting to Villagers;
  9. Fixed mobs spawned in previous versions of the pack losing their death loot tables;
  10. Renamed the 'Marfyr' mob to 'Martyr'; 
  11. Skeletons that spawned from a Skeleton Trap Horse no longer convert to Demons in the Nether; 
  12. Special Spawn Eggs for vanilla mobs no longer give a name to the mobs they spawn;
  13. Fixed Prisoner Ghosts' glitchy behavior.

Known issues

  1. Prisoner Ghosts can get stuck in blocks;
  2. Prisoner Ghosts can teleport down to the void;
  3. Scoopers panic while on fire despite being fire resistant;
  4. Prisoner Ghosts instantly die in water; 
  5. The Crafting Station doesn't place properly on different surfaces; 
  6. You can dupe items by breaking the Crafting Station
  7. Fire resistant mobs take damage if spawned in lava/fire; 
  8. Crafting Stations are rendered darker when placed underneath a block. 

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