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Snapshot 3A was released on May 16th, 2019. It is the 5th public version of "More Mobs" and the first snapshot in the 3 lineup. This update introduced mountable mobs and alternative mob skins, divided End mobs into outer and main island mobs, and added a mob which doesn't spawn naturally.

As in all A snapshots, this version added 5 new mobs, one of which is a mount. This version also introduced almost unkillable mobs (not to confuse with Nether Spiders, which are almost unkillable unless their hunch was destroyed). This is also the first version to add a passive mob to the End dimension. Among new features some smaller tweaks were added, like multiple Cyclops skin tone variants, an alternative Shulker texture and the addition of the 'Silent' tag used to silence mobs which play custom sounds. This update also featured a very important fix that prevented players for being able to apply "More Mobs" skins to vanilla mobs.



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"More Mobs" (Snapshot 3A) - Minecraft 1.13.2 data pack

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  1. Added Mummies, Wither Skeleton Horses, Wanderers, Lost Souls and Dragon Ghosts;
  2. Added Papyrus and Wanderer Flesh placeholder items;
  3. Added 12 new skin variants for the Cyclops;
  4. Added an alternative Shulker texture.


  1. Adjusted the belt on the Cyclops texture;
  2. "More Mobs" creatures tagged 'Silent' will no longer play sounds;
  3. Miners now spawn on all Y levels in Badlands biomes;
  4. Endermen that spawned on the Obsidian pillars on the main End island will now convert to Ender Sentinels;
  5. Ender Sentinels and Ender Phantoms no longer spawn in the outer End islands.


  1. Players can no longer rename vanilla mobs to give them "More Mobs" creatures' skins;
  2. Fixed Cyclops spawning in the Nether;
  3. Shulker Boxes no longer display WIP Cyclops textures;
  4. Fixed Demon Spawn Eggs spawning Zombie Villagers if spammed;
  5. Nether Spiders no longer suffocate their hunches when climbing walls.

Known issues

  1. Nether Spiders, Wither Skeleton Horses and Wanderers can suffocate upon spawning;
  2. Miners tagged 'Silent' still play death sounds;
  3. Special Spawn Eggs give their spawned mobs names;
  4. Prisoner Ghosts can get stuck in blocks;
  5. Prisoner Ghosts can teleport down to the void;
  6. Scoopers panic while on fire despite being fire resistant;
  7. Demons can be "cured" and transformed into Villagers;
  8. Cyclops and Scooper Spawn Eggs spawn baby rabbits and ocelots;
  9. Cyclops, Lost Souls and Ender Sentinels can drown;
  10. Skeleton Horsemen convert into Demons in the Nether;
  11. Miners don't always spawn in the Badlands biomes properly;
  12. Nether Spiders don't die properly if their hunch wasn't killed by a player;
  13. Dragon Ghosts tagged 'Silent' still play sounds;
  14. Dragon Ghosts' breath loops in multiplayer;
  15. "More Mobs" creatures that spawned in previous updates lose their loot tables;
  16. Prisoner Ghosts instantly die in water;
  17. Fire resistant mobs take damage if spawned in lava/fire.

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