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Snapshot 2A is the 4th public version of "More Mobs" and the first and last snapshot in the 2 lineup. This update came out on May 16th, 2019 and rewrote the texture detection requirements, added 5 new mobs and replaced certain mobs in certain structures. It also updated to 1.13.2 and fixed a number of issues.

This snapshot was also the first to add Ender mobs and custom sounds to the pack. It also introduced a new mystical mob (Martyr was the only mystical mob prior to this version). A Demonic mob was also first introduced (similar to mystical mobs in the way their loot drops). A big change also occurred due to the rewrite of the "random mobs" feature of OptiFine. All "More Mobs" creatures will have a colored name tag from now on.

This meant that mobs would no longer render with wrong skins depending on their location. This also made "More Mobs" creatures unrenamable. This version also changed some existing mob textures, completely revamping the Cyclops.




Showcase video


"More Mobs" (snapshot 2A) - Minecraft 1.13.2 data pack

The full showcase of the snapshot


  1. Added Prisoner Ghosts, Nether Spiders, Demons, Ender Phantoms and Ender Sentinels;
  2. Remade the Cyclops texture;
  3. Shifted the Cavecreep face texture back to the right;
  4. Fixed the Miner texture asymmetry;
  5. Changed Miner's eye color to brown;
  6. Updated to 1.13.2;
  7. Changed how the "More Mobs" skins display (now by locating colored name tags);
  8. Fixed mobs displaying different skins if they (don't) meet the parameters specified in the resource pack files;
  9. Fixed Drowned randomly displaying a different skin;
  10. Finished the Martyr texture;
  11. Cyclops now drop gold nuggets;
  12. Replaced Skeletons with Prisoner Ghosts in Strongholds;
  13. Replaced Skeletons in the Nether with Demons;
  14. Added sounds for the Miner mob (3 idle queues, 3 hurt queues and 1 death queue);
  15. Replaced Creepers with Zombie Villagers and Zombies with Creepers in Woodland Mansions;
  16. Replaced Miners with Cave Spiders and Zombies with Miners in Mineshafts;
  17. Added Demonic Essence and Nether Spider Chelicera item placeholders.

Known issues

  1. Players can rename vanilla mobs with a name tag and they would change their skin to a "More Mobs" creature;
  2. Prisoner Ghosts can get stuck in blocks;
  3. Prisoner Ghosts can teleport down to the void;
  4. Scoopers panic while on fire despite being fire resistant;
  5. Cyclops can rarely spawn in the Nether;
  6. Demon Spawn Eggs would spawn Zombie Villagers if spammed;
  7. Demons can be "cured" and transformed into Villagers;
  8. Cyclops and Scooper Spawn Eggs spawn baby rabbits and ocelots;
  9. Nether Spiders suffocate in walls;
  10. Nether Spiders spawn in blocks and start suffocating;
  11. Black and White Shulker Boxes display Work-In-Progress Cyclops textures;
  12. Special Spawn Eggs give their spawned mobs names;
  13. Cyclops and Ender Sentinels can drown;
  14. Nether Spiders don't die properly if their hunch wasn't killed by a player;
  15. "More Mobs" creatures that spawned in previous updates lose their loot tables;
  16. Skeleton Horsemen convert into Demons in the Nether;
  17. Prisoner Ghosts instantly die in water;
  18. Fire resistant mobs take damage if spawned in lava/fire.

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