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Snapshot 1C is the third publicly available build of "More Mobs" and the final version in the 1 lineup. It was released on November 16th 2018 on dManager (resource pack and data pack separately), Minecraft Packs (the website was remade resulting in the loss of the data pack's page) and on iNkoR's official website along with a showcase video. It was made in the same version as the previous snapshot.

The main changes in this snapshot were spawn egg changes and the addition of custom item placeholders. Cavecreeps and Cyclops didn't have proper loot tables prior to this update. However, their current drops still have no use and are just placeholders that players will be able to convert into functional items in the future. A few small tweaks, bug fixes and texture changes also made their way into this snapshot.




Showcase video


"More Mobs" (snapshot 1C) - Minecraft 1.13 data pack

The full showcase of the snapshot


  1. Readded sounds for Cavecreeps;
  2. Added placeholder items with loot tables for Cyclops and Cavecreeps;
  3. Added enchanted glint to "More Mobs" spawn eggs;
  4. Officially declared Cavecreeps as the new name for Cave Creepers;
  5. Shifted Cavecreep face texture to the left and added more texturing to the "chin";
  6. Moved Cyclops hair to the first layer of the skin;
  7. Fixed Cyclops not detecting range weapon damage.

Known issues

  1. Certain mobs can change skins depending on what biome/dimension or at what height they are if the resource pack is reloaded (relogging into the world also counts);
  2. The resource pack doesn't work in newer versions of Minecraft/OptiFine;
  3. Scoopers panic while on fire despite being fire resistant;
  4. Cyclops can rarely spawn in the Nether;
  5. Drowned mob sometimes displays a different skin;
  6. Cyclops and Scooper spawn eggs spawn baby rabbits and ocelots;
  7. Black and White Shulker Boxes display Work-In-Progress Cyclops textures;
  8. Special Spawn Eggs give their spawned mobs names;
  9. "More Mobs" creatures that spawned in previous updates lose their loot tables;
  10. Cyclops can drown;
  11. Fire resistant mobs take damage if spawned in lava/fire.

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