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Snapshot 1B is the second public release of the "More Mobs" data pack. It was published on November 12th of 2018 on dManager (resource pack and data pack separately) and on iNkoR's official website along with a showcase video. This version was made in the full release of Minecraft 1.13 and like every "More Mobs" version since requires OptiFine.

In this snapshot mob skins rendered depending on their location, using OptiFine's 'mcpatcher' feature (at the time; it's now referred to as "random mobs/entities"). Cave mobs used height as the parameter. The default mob skins weren't replaced but they changed due to circumstances specified in the resource pack. For example, Strays would have a Martyr skin in the Nether and Cavecreeps would have a Creeper skin above surface. Aside from that, this being released in the 1.13 release is the only notable change in this version, as well as the download links becoming available on third-party services for the first time (meaning you could download the pack not only from the iNkoR's Universe website).




Showcase video


"More Mobs" (snapshot 1B) - Minecraft 1.13 data pack


  1. Updated to 1.13;
  2. Fixed vanilla mob textures being replaced by "More Mobs" textures;
  3. Added Spawn Eggs for vanilla mobs that spawn entities irreplaceable with "More Mobs" creatures;
  4. Replaced Zombies with Zombie Villagers and Cavecreeps with Silverfish in Strongholds;
  5. Made all baby Zombie Pigmen hostile;
  6. Changed spawn requirements for Miners and Cavecreeps (now Y value below 60);
  7. Fixed Martyrs dropping elytras.

Known issues

  1. The Cyclops doesn't detect range damage;
  2. Certain mobs can change skins depending on what biome/dimension or at what height they are if the resource pack is reloaded (relogging into the world also counts);
  3. The resource pack doesn't work in newer versions of Minecraft/OptiFine;
  4. Scoopers panic while on fire despite being fire resistant;
  5. Cavecreeps and Cyclops don't have proper loot tables;
  6. Cyclops can rarely spawn in the Nether;
  7. Drowned mob sometimes displays a different skin;
  8. Cyclops and Scooper Spawn Eggs spawn baby rabbits and ocelots;
  9. Black and White Shulker Boxes display Work-In-Progress Cyclops textures;
  10. Special Spawn Eggs give their spawned mobs names;
  11. "More Mobs" creatures that spawned in previous updates lose their loot tables;
  12. Cyclops can drown;
  13. Fire resistant mobs take damage if spawned in lava/fire.

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