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Snapshot 1A was the first ever public release of "More Mobs". It was published on March 30th 2018 exclusively on the official iNkoR's Universe website together with a showcase video (it was also uploaded to CurseForge later on). This version was created in the snapshots for Minecraft 1.13 and does not require the use of OptiFine, like all other versions (simply because it was unavailable at the time). It's meant to be played in snapshot 18w10d and should work for future versions up until 1.13. Due to lack of the OptiFine features Creepers, Strays, Husks, Pigs and Vindicators had their textures replaced by the pack's mobs'. Also, cave mobs spawned using the 'cave_air' block which was added in 18w06a, so if you're playing this snapshot keep in mind that these mobs will only spawn naturally in the chunks that have been generated after that snapshot. This isn't the first version of the pack, as there has been a "vanilla mod" with the same name and some similar features that was never released publicly. Only a handful of testers and iNkoR himself possess the files.




Showcase video


"More Mobs" (snapshot 1A) - Minecraft 1.13 data pack

A full showcase of the snapshot

Known issues

  1. The Cyclops doesn't detect range damage;
  2. "More Mobs" mobs replace skins of vanilla mobs;
  3. Marfyrs can drop elytras;
  4. Scoopers panic while on fire despite being fire resistant;
  5. Cave Creepers and Cyclops don't have proper loot tables;
  6. Cyclops can rarely spawn in the Nether;
  7. Drowned mob sometimes displays a different skin;
  8. Cyclops and Scooper spawn eggs spawn baby rabbits and ocelots;
  9. Black and White Shulker Boxes display Work-In-Progress Cyclops textures;
  10. Cyclops can drown;
  11. Fire resistant mobs take damage if spawned in lava/fire.

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