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Scoopers are harmless little monsters roaming in Soul Sand patches. They are a great source of food provided that you can catch up to them.


The Scoopers will replace Zombie Pigmen on Soul Sand. You can learn more about how Zombie Pigmen spawn here.

You can also summon a Scooper using this command: /function imm:summon/imm/scooper. You can obtain a Scooper Spawn Frame with this command: /function imm:spawn_frame/imm/scooper. Make sure to replace the 'imm' portion with whatever version you're playing on if your version is older than Snapshot 3C (example: Snapshot 2A = imm2a).


Scoopers idle around unless they've been attacked. In which case, it will run around in panic. They will follow players holding Carrots on Sticks and Beetroots, despite Beetroots being harmful for them.


The Scoopers can be bred similarly to Overworld passive mobs. They will accept Poisonous Potatoes or Flaming Tarantula Chelicera. You cannot, however, use it to force the offspring to grow up. Feeding them will also restore their health, but just like with breeding requires a cooldown before they can be healed with food again.

Trying to feed them Beetroot will result in the mob taking damage and eventually dying.


Like with a Pig, Scoopers can be ridden using a Saddle and a Carrot on a Stick. You can learn more about how Pigs can be ridden here.

Scoopers are, however, much faster than a Pig.


Adult Scoopers can drop:

Data values

Scoopers possess the same tags as all Pigs and Villagers, but they spawn with a set of additional stats. Click here to see the data values common to all Pigs; Click here to see the data values common to all Villagers.

  • Health: 20
  • Tags: iMM, iMMNether, iMM_Scooper (iMM_ScooperV, global.ignore.pos and iMMGI for the Villager, iMM_ScooperP for the Pig, iMM_ScooperAdult for an adult and iMM_Tagged if offspring)
  • Silent: 1b
  • Invulnerable: 1b (for the Villager)
  • NoAI:1b (for the Villager)
  • VillagerData:{profession:nitwit} (for the Villager)
  • NoGravity:1b (for the Villager)
  • CustomName (for the Pig): {"translate":"imm.entity.scooper"} (§4Scooper in English US)
  • CustomNameVisible: 0
  • PersistenceRequired: 0 (1b if offspring or he Villager)
  • DeathLootTable (for the Pig): imm:entities/imm/scooper
  • Attributes (for the Pig):
    1. generic.maxHealth: 20
    2. generic.movementSpeed: 0.5


The Scoopers has to be killed to contribute to the following "More Mobs" advancement:

  • Mob Fighter

Breeding Scoopers will grant you these advancements (second of which is from "More Mobs"):

  • The Parrots and the Bats
  • Repopulating Hell


Version Change

Snapshot 1A

Added Scooper

Snapshot 1B

Fixed the Pigs' texture being replaced with the Scooper texture

Snapshot 1C

Added glint to the Scooper Spawn Egg

Snapshot 2A

Fixed Scoopers displaying the Pig texture outside of the Nether

Snapshot 3A

Fixed players being able to rename the Scooper in-game

Snapshot 3B

The Scooper will now despawn if there are no players in a radius of 128 blocks, unless it's been tagged.

Snapshot 3C

  1. The Scooper now despawns, unless it's been tagged (or if offspring);
  2. Scoopers now drop Scooper Meat (before it was Beetroot);
  3. Fixed Scoopers despawning when the player left the world or dimension;
  4. Scoopers now take damage if fed Beetroots;
  5. Scoopers are breedable with Poisonous Potatoes and Nether Spider Chelicera now;
  6. Revamped the Scooper texture and model.


In the unreleased command block version of "More Mobs" for 1.12 there was a Zombie Pig mob. It spawned on Soul Sand and was aggressive, however very short-sighted. It dropped Rotten Flesh. Later on this mob transformed into the Scooper. Scoopers are passive, very fast, and drop better food. Being a food source for the Nether and spawning on Soul Sand was kept, but the mob transformed into something more complex and useful. And less douchey.

Known issues

  1. Scoopers panic while being on fire despite being fire resistant;
  2. Scoopers have a weird hitbox.

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