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Papyrus is a variant of the Paper item dropped by Mummies. But apart from that the item can also be used as a tougher alternative to regular Paper for a unique crafting recipe.


Papyrus can only drop from Mummies.



Papyrus can be used as substitute for Paper in crafting. Books, Maps and all the other recipes that include Paper in them will all work if Papyrus is replacing the Paper. Papyrus can also be used to increase map size in the Cartography table.

Papyrus also has a recipe use in the Crafting Station. You can use it to craft Hardcover Books (put 3 Cavecreep Hides on the left side and fill the rest of the space with Papyrus).


Version Change
Snapshot 3A Added the Papyrus item placeholder
Snapshot 3B Properly implemented Papyrus

Known issues

There are currently no know issues with this item in the latest version

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