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Martyr is a mystical mob that rarely spawns in the Nether dimension, but is not immune to fire. Its Elytra seems to be a natural part of its body, and is used to efficiently pursue its prey.


Martyrs can spawn out of a Ghast with a range of 1 through 20 (you can learn more about the spawning system in "More Mobs" here). You can learn more about how Ghasts spawn here.

You can also summon a Martyr using this command: /function imm:summon/imm/martyr. You can obtain a Martyr Spawn Frame with this command: /function imm:spawn_frame/imm/martyr. Make sure to replace the 'imm' portion with whatever version you're playing on if your version is older than Snapshot 3C (example: Snapshot 2A = imm2a).



Martyrs will pursue players and try to kill them. They will glide towards the closest survival player if they're in mid-air and continue to attack.

Martyr is technically an undead mob, and will burn in sunlight. It will also stomp Turtle Eggs and sink in water.

Also, since the Martyr is technically a stray, it can shoot Tipped Arrows of Slowness if armed with a Bow, although they can't pick one up, meaning that this is only possible with cheats. That also means that Creepers and Cavecreeps shot by a Martyr will drop Music Discs.


Martyrs possess a high jump boost, making elevated terrain non-traversable by walking for them. They will also jump incredibly high in the air to avoid lava and fire due to not being fire resistant, but the pull of the lava current may be too strong for them to handle.


Martyrs always glide if they're in mid-air. It works the same way as Elytras would on players, but they cannot use fireworks to boost themselves even if they somehow held them in their hands. While following a player the Martyr will glide with most accurate precision following their target. If the Martyr doesn't have a target to follow they might just glide in a straight line even if it might result in them experiencing kinetic energy.

Fighting strategies

The key to fighting the Martyr is to stay calm. When exploring the Nether it's always advised to carry decent gear and a Shield in case a Martyr shows up. If it does, make sure you are keeping it at a distance. If you want the fight to go easy you can build up until it can't reach you, but make sure the ground around has no elevations which would allow the Martyr to jump up and get to you. Good timing with a Shield and a strong melee weapon should handle it as far as there's no other external threats/distractions.


Like all mystical mobs, the Martyr must be killed by a Player to drop:

Data values

Martyrs share the same data values as all Strays (click here to view them). Some are adjusted though:

  1. Health: 50
  2. Tags: iMM, iMMNether, iMM_Martyr
  3. Silent:1b
  4. CustomName: {"translate":"imm.entity.martyr"} (§8Martyr in English US)
  5. CustomNameVisible: 0
  6. PersistenceRequired: 1
  7. DeathLootTable: imm:entities/imm/mystical
  8. Attributes:
    1. generic.maxHealth: 50
    2. generic.attackDamage: 10
    3. generic.movementSpeed: 0.4


The Martyr can be required (as the Stray) for the following advancements (all of which are form vanilla Minecraft):

  • Adventure
  • Monster Hunter
  • Monsters Hunted

Martyr is also targeted in these "More Mobs" advancements:

  • Monster Fighter
  • Mob Fighter

Also the Martyr is indirectly related to the "Crippling Depression" advancement, as it is a mystical mob and drops Corrupted Souls which are required for the advancement.


Version Change
Snapshot 1A Added Martyrs
Snapshot 1B
  1. Fixed the Stray texture being replaced with the Martyr texture;
  2. Fixed Martyrs dropping Elytras.
Snapshot 2A
  1. Fixed Martyrs having the Stray texture outside of the Nether;
  2. Fixed the "crotch" texture;
Snapshot 3A Fixed Players being able to rename the Martyr in-game
Snapshot 3B Renamed the Marfyr to Martyr
Snapshot 3C
  1. Martyrs now avoid lava better;
  2. Martyrs now avoid fire.


In the unreleased command block version of "More Mobs" for 1.12 there was a Withered Soul mob. It was a Wither Skeleton with Elytras and a slightly different face texture. It would summon thunder whenever it spawned to notify players of its presence. Its gliding skills were very poor though. Later on this mob transformed into the Martyr. The Martyrs are not fire resistant, and don't wither you, but are still rare and have lots of health. Most of the attributes carried over but the Martyr has no connections to the Wither and the AI is improved.

Known issues

  1. Martyrs have a hard time using their Elytras, sometimes gliding aimlessly;
  2. Targeting players is unfairly precise;
  3. Martyrs can't avoid lava more than once.

See also

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