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Lost Souls are mystical glowing hostile mobs that spawn in the outer End islands. Their body shape is suspiciously similar to that of a player.


Lost Souls can spawn out of an Enderman in the outer End islands with a range of 101 through 128 (you can learn more about the spawning system in "More Mobs" here). You can learn more about how Endermen spawn here.

You can also summon a Lost Soul using this command: /function imm:summon/imm/lost_soul. You can obtain a Lost Soul Spawn Frame with this command: /function imm:spawn_frame/imm/lost_soul. Make sure to replace the 'imm' portion with whatever version you're playing on if your version is older than Snapshot 3C (example: Snapshot 2A = imm2a).



Lost Souls will pursue players, Villagers, Wandering Traders, Iron Golems and baby Turtles on sight from 40 blocks away, as opposed to 16 blocks in most other hostile mobs. They will attempt to avoid obstacles, including sheer cliffs, water and lava, and will try to find the shortest path towards their target. If the Lost Soul is attacked by another mob it will attack it in return.

The Lost Soul is technically an undead mob, but will not drown. However, it will stomp Turtle Eggs and sink in water.


If a Lost Soul spawns inside of an End City, it converts into a Shulker with a bizarre sound. The Shulker is white and glows briefly producing a sparkling particle effect. Its only difference from other Shulkers is the color.

Fighting strategies

At this stage of the game players should be prepared for fighting Lost Souls. It's easy for a group of Lost Souls to form while you're fighting one, but if you keep your distance and have a strong weapon on you it shouldn't be a tough fight. Additionally you can just try the pillar trick.


As with all mystical mobs, the Lost Soul has to be killed by a player to drop:

Data values

Lost Souls possess the same tags as all zombies, but they spawn with a set of additional stats. Click here to see the data values common to all zombies.

  • Health: 70
  • Tags: iMM, iMMEnder, iMMGI, iMM_LostSoul
  • Silent: 1b
  • CustomName: {"translate":"imm.entity.lost_soul"} (§fLostSoul in English US)
  • CustomNameVisible: 0
  • DeathLootTable: imm:entities/imm/mystical
  • CanPickupLoot: 1b
  • Attributes:
    1. generic.maxHealth: 70
    2. generic.knockbackResistance: 0.75
    3. generic.attackDamage: 7
    4. generic.movementSpeed: 0.25
    5. generic.followRange: 30
    6. zombie.spawnReinforcements: 0


The Lost Soul can be required (as the Zombie) for the following advancements (all of which are form vanilla Minecraft):

  • Adventure
  • Monster Hunter
  • Monsters Hunted

The Lost Soul is also required to be killed for the following "More Mobs" advancements:

  • Monster Fighter
  • Mob Fighter

There's also a "More Mobs" advancement that is granted for killing a Lost Soul that turned into a Shulker:

  • Shulker Farming Solution #44466


Version Change

Snapshot 3A

Added Lost Souls

Snapshot 3B

  1. Lost Souls no longer drown underwater;
  2. Lost Souls that spawned in End Cities will now convert to Shulkers;
  3. Lost Soul spawn rate nerfed;
  4. The Lost Soul will now despawn if there are no players in a radius of 128 blocks and it doesn't hold or wear anything, unless it's been tagged.

Snapshot 3C

  1. The Lost Soul now despawns like any vanilla hostile mob would, unless it's been tagged;
  2. Lost Souls can no longer summon Zombie reinforcements;
  3. Fixed Lost Souls despawning when the player left the world or dimension.


Lost Souls existed in an old unreleased version of "More Mobs" for the End. It functioned pretty much the same as the current version of the mob, except it didn't turn into Shulkers in End Cities.

Known issues

There are currently no known issues with this mob in the latest release.

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