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Welcome to the official wiki of the "More Mobs" data pack (not to confuse with the "More Mobs" mod). This is the place where you can get all the information about the pack's features, versions and installation methods. It will provide you with the most relevant data. Please make sure to only edit the articles if it's absolutely necessary, as the pages are made by the creator of the pack and will most likely contain correct information. This means that everything here is as faithful and factual as it can be and we would like to keep it that way. Thank you for your understanding.

What's "More Mobs"?Edit

"More Mobs" is a data pack for Minecraft 1.14.2 (and it will be updated to newer versions) that adds new items, structures, bosses and - you guessed it - mobs. It utilizes OptiFine's features to allow for mobs to display custom models and skins, but apart from that it is completely vanilla. As with most data packs it comes with a resource pack as well. It's currently being released in snapshots which contain a slice of what's to come. The creator of the pack (iNkoR_the_2nd) has plans to feature 3 bosses, 6 structures and a total of 60 new mobs in the full release.

How do I get it? Edit

"More Mobs" can be found on multiple platforms. It's available on iNkoR's official website, on Data Pack Center, Curse Forge and on dManager, where it's separated into the resource pack and data pack (unfortunately the dManager pages were discontinued, so you can only obtain outdated versions on there). You can install the DP and RP directly from dManager, but if you use iNkoR's website page you can also find an instructions file that will help you manually install the pack. It also contains more information about the version that you're using and gives you some useful links.

Media Edit

The "More Mobs" community spreads across multiple platforms. The absolute best way to engage with the creator, by giving feedback and participating in the pack discussion, is to join the official iNkoR's Universe Discord server. You can also check out all the videos about the pack on the official iNkoR's Universe YouTube channel where all new release showcases and development progress videos are being posted. Click here for the direct link to the "More Mobs" playlist.

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