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The Cyclops is a neutral humanoid mob that spawns uncommonly in taigas, plains, forests and other similar biomes.


Cyclops can spawn out of a chicken with a range of 1 through 60 (you can learn more about the spawning system in "More Mobs" here). However, they cannot spawn in the Nether or from an egg. Cyclops also have a baby form but it never spawns naturally. You can learn more about how chickens spawn here.

You can also summon a Cyclops using this command: /function imm:summon/imm/cyclops. You can obtain a Cyclops Spawn Frame with this command: /function imm:spawn_frame/imm/cyclops. Make sure to replace the 'imm' portion with whatever version you're playing on if your version is older than Snapshot 3C (example: Snapshot 2A = imm2a).


Cyclops will pursue Villagers, Wandering Traders, Iron Golems and baby Turtles on sight from 40 blocks away, as opposed to 16 blocks in most other hostile mobs. They will attempt to avoid obstacles, including sheer cliffs, water and lava, and will try to find the shortest path towards their target. Players will also be pursued if one damages the Cyclops. After 5 minutes, if no Players have been in the radius of 50 blocks of the Cyclops, it will become passive to Players again. If the Cyclops is attacked by another mob it will attack it in return.

The Cyclops is technically an undead mob, but will not burn in sunlight or break doors. However, he will stomp Turtle Eggs and sink in water.

Fighting strategies

It's not advised to fight with a Cyclops in early-game. However, a few simple tactics can make the fight easy even if you just started out. First, make sure you have a durable shield if you plan on fighting head-on, and that you time the attacks correctly. You also need to keep in mind that the Cyclops is not going to get knocked back 75% of the time and that it is very fast. To negate the effect of those attributes you can lure an angry Cyclops into a pool of water and fight it there. Make sure to keep distance and after a while it should die without causing you any harm. You can also build up so that it can't reach you, but pay attention to other mobs around you.


Cyclops must be killed by a player in order to wield any drops. Here's what you can get:

Data values

Cyclops possess the same tags as all husks, but they spawn with a set of additional stats. Click here to see the data values common to all husks.

  • Health: 50
  • Tags: iMM, iMMOverworld, iMM_Cyclops (iMM_CyclopsDisturbed if agroed)
  • Silent: 1b
  • CustomName: {"translate":"imm.entity.cyclops"} (§eCyclops in English US)
  • CustomNameVisible: 0
  • PersistenceRequired: 0
  • DeathLootTable: imm:entities/imm/cyclops
  • Attributes:
    1. generic.maxHealth: 50
    2. generic.knockbackResistance: 0.75
    3. generic.attackDamage: 10
    4. generic.movementSpeed: 0.4


The Cyclops can be required (as the Husk) for the following advancements (all of which are form vanilla Minecraft):

  • Adventure
  • Monster Hunter
  • Monsters Hunted

The Cyclops is also required to be killed for the following "More Mobs" advancements:

  • Monoculars Are Demigod
  • Monster Fighter
  • Mob Fighter


Version Change

Snapshot 1A

Added Cyclops

Snapshot 1B

Fixed the Husks' texture being replaced with the Cyclops texture

Snapshot 1C

  1. Added an individual loot table for the Cyclops (a Work-In-Progress loot table that dropped feathers was used before);
  2. Fixed Cyclops not detecting range damage;
  3. Moved the hair on the Cyclops texture to the first layer;
  4. Added glint to the Cyclops Spawn Egg.

Snapshot 2A

  1. Completely revamped the Cyclops texture;
  2. Added Gold Nuggets to the Cyclops loot table (0-1);
  3. Fixed Cyclops displaying the Husk texture inside of deserts.

Snapshot 3A

  1. Tweaked the belt part of the Cyclops texture;
  2. Added 12 new skin color variations for the Cyclops (13 in total);
  3. Fixed players being able to rename the Cyclops in-game.

Snapshot 3B

  1. Cyclops no longer drown underwater;
  2. The Cyclops skin color now corresponds to the temperature of the biome in which they spawned;
  3. The Cyclops will now despawn if there are no players in a radius of 128 blocks and it doesn't hold or wear anything, unless it's been tagged.

Snapshot 3C

  1. The Cyclops now despawns like any vanilla hostile mob would, unless it's been tagged;
  2. Cyclops now drop 0-1 Cyclops Ears (1-2 before);
  3. Cyclops can no longer summon Zombie reinforcements;
  4. Fixed Cyclops despawning when the player left the world or dimension.


The "More Mobs" Cyclops was largely inspired by the Cyclops mob from Divine RPG (a very popular Minecraft mod back in the day). Major aspects like the intimidating appearance, spawning in Plains and similar environments, and being a strong neutral mob were carried over. Initially the Cyclops was meant to follow you with its head precisely, and its head would be a separate part of their body. It would be their weak spot, and the only vulnerable part of the Cyclops. It was also meant to shoot a laser at the attacker and calm down, similar to Llamas. Later on the weak spot mechanic was reused for the Nether Spider. The Cyclops ended up becoming a simpler mob, with one hitbox, and continuous hostility if provoked. It also uses its strong hands to attack instead of beams.

Known issues

There are currently no known issues with this mob in the latest release.

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Old Cyclops texture

A Cyclops that spawned inside of a Swamp biome

A pale Cyclops artificially summoned in a Mountains biome

Two Cyclops from Savanna and Desert biomes

A Cyclops underwater

A Cyclops approaching an Iron Golem

All skin tones of the Cyclops texture