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Corrupted Souls are mysterious items that glow with an enchanted glint. They represent the impure evil of the mobs that drop them. When the item appears in the world it released a puff of white smoke, sizzling.


Corrupted Souls can only be obtained by killing mystical mobs. The mobs must be killed by a Player to actually drop the item.



Corrupted Souls can be used in conjunction with Sand or Red Sand to craft Soul Sand using the Crafting Station. Eight Corrupted Souls around a (Red) Sand block in the center slot will craft into 1 Soul Sand block.


There is one "More Mobs' advancement that is granted for having a Corrupted Soul in your inventory:

  • Crippling Depression


Version Change
Snapshot 1A Added the Corrupted Soul item placeholder
Snapshot 3B Properly implemented Corrupted Souls
Snapshot 3C Added the Soul Sand crafting recipe to the Crafting Station

Known issues

There are currently no know issues with this item in the latest version

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The Soul Sand crafting recipe in the Crafting Station using Sand

The Soul Sand crafting recipe in the Crafting Station using Red Sand