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The Cavecreep is a cave variation of the Creeper that's slightly deadlier and scarier than his surface counterpart.


Cavecreeps replace Creepers at y=60 and below. However, due to Cavecreeps being considered a Creeper variant, they will be replaced by other mobs in certain circumstances (Silverfish in Strongholds, Zombie Villagers in Mansions etc.). You can learn more about the spawning system in "More Mobs" here. Click here to find out how Creepers spawn.

You can also summon a Cavecreep using this command: /function imm:summon/imm/cavecreep. You can obtain a Cavecreep Spawn Frame with this command: /function imm:spawn_frame/imm/cavecreep. Make sure to replace the 'imm' portion with whatever version you're playing on if your version is older than Snapshot 3C (example: Snapshot 2A = imm2a).


Cavecreeps behave the same way as normal Creepers. However, their fuse duration is different. You can scroll down to the 'Data values' section to learn more. Click here for an exert on Creeper behavior from the official Minecraft wiki.

Fighting Strategy

Cavecreeps aren't too different from regular Creepers. You could approach them the same way. For example by hitting them and quickly running backwards to insure they don't explode, but keep in mind that despite their fuse being longer their explosion radius is much bigger and can kill you even in high-tier armor. Keep your distance with the Cavecreep and try your best to apply as much damage as possible per hit. If possible, don't even attempt to fight them up-close and just kill them with range weapons.


You can retrieve the following from a dead Cavecreep:

Data values

Most of data values possessed by the Cavecreep are shared with regular Creepers, with a few exceptions. Click here to see the data values of Creepers on the official Minecraft wiki.

  • Fuse: 100
  • ExplosionRadius: 5
  • Tags: iMM, iMMOverworld, iMM_Cavecreep
  • CustomName: {"translate":"imm.entity.cavecreep"} (§7Cavecreep in English US)
  • CustomNameVisible: 0
  • DeathLootTable: imm:entities/imm/cavecreep


The Cavecreep is considered a regular Creeper and can be required for the following advancements (which are all from vanilla Minecraft):

  • Adventure
  • Monster Hunter
  • Monsters hunted

The Cavecreep is also required to be killed for the following "More Mobs" advancements:

  • Monster Fighter
  • Mob Fighter

Also the Cavecreep is indirectly related to the "Two Faces Are Better Than One" advancement, which is granted for having a Cavecreep Head in the inventory, which can only be dropped by Cavecreeps.


Version Change
Snapshot 1A Added Cavecreeps
Snapshot 1B
  1. Fixed the Creeper texture being replaced with the Cavecreep texture;
  2. Silverfish spawn instead of Cavecreeps in Strongholds now;
  3. Changed the spawn requirement for Cavecreeps (before - if in a 'cave_air' block, now - if below y=61).
Snapshot 1C
  1. Added an individual loot table for the Cavecreep (a Work-In-Progress loot table that dropped feathers was used before);
  2. Added glint to the Cavecreep Spawn Egg;
  3. Readded sounds for Cavecreeps;
  4. Added placeholder items as the Cavecreep drop;
  5. Officially renamed "Cave Creepers" to "Cavecreeps";
  6. Shifted the Cavecreep face texture to the left and added more texturing on the "chin".
Snapshot 2A
  1. Shifted the Cavecreep face texture back to the right;
  2. Fixed Cavecreep displaying the Creeper texture above y=60;
  3. Added its own charged glint texture.
Snapshot 3A Fixed players being able to rename the Cavecreep in-game
Snapshot 3B
  1. The Cavecreep will now despawn if there are no players in a radius of 128 blocks and it doesn't hold or wear anything, unless it's been tagged;
  2. Cavecreeps now drop Cavecreep Heads if killed by a charged Cavecreep/Creeper;
  3. Cavecreeps now drop Music Discs like Creepers do.
Snapshot 3C
  1. Cavecreeps now despawn like any vanilla hostile mob would;
  2. Cavecreeps now drop 0-2 Cavecreep Hides (0-3 before);
  3. Cavecreep texture changed;
  4. Fixed Cavecreeps despawning when the player left the world or dimension.

Known issues

There are currently no important known issues with this mob.

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A Cavecreep in its natural habitat

The back "face" of a Cavecreep

A charged Cavecreep